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Prevent Trespassing and Poaching With These Security Hacks

Whether you own, lease or have verbal permission to hunt a tract of private land, you are likely to deal with trespassing at some point, either evidence of past activity or a real-time confrontation with an actual trespasser...

Well-marked boundaries won’t stop all trespassers. Mark them well anyway. The fact the boundaries are well-marked can come in useful later if and when you press charges and take the trespasser to court.

Posting Property

When hanging boundary signs, I like to take along a step-ladder or even a full-size ladder so I can hang the sign well out of reach of anyone on foot.

Dummy Surveillance

For a trespasser, the sight of a trail-camera lets them know they’ve probably already been photographed by at least one camera, and there may be others.

Tactical Surveillance

With your dummy deterrent cameras deployed, next you need to set up your actual surveillance and reconnaissance network. Hide and secure functional cameras in similar areas where trespassing or criminal activity is likely to occur. If you want to catch legible license plates on roads, cameras need to be within a few feet of the road and aimed at a 45-degree angle to the road to capture the rear bumper of a passing vehicle.

Mobile Marketing

I believe it’s a good idea to advertise your use of trail-cameras, especially wireless cameras, in the local community. Let people know you are an avid camera user

Badge Backup

Speaking of law enforcement, here’s my final tip: Recruit local law enforcement for your team.

If you don’t know the game warden for your county, learn their name now. Meet them, exchange contact information, and give them a key to your gates. Ask them to patrol as often as they are able, and alert them immediately to any evidence of a problem

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